A Note From The Doodle Dood

Welcome to my doodle-verse, a place where nothing can go wrong! If you were thinking otherwise, think again. Because in this world anything is possible!

Along your journey you’ll experience all kinds of upside down, inside out and downright bizarre twists and turns. You’ll go deep into the unknown, down paths you never imagined, always managing to find something beautiful and totally you! 

Out in my world you'll meet all kinds of friends! Some you may recognize, some that you don’t, and some but just some that you’ll wish that you won’t! Come join me on an adventure far, far away. Let’s escape all things normal, at least for today!

You’ll find nature and answers to things you never knew, things that I’ve created specially for you! As you travel my world there’ll even be times, where the places you go are made entirely of designs! But don’t be afraid, go conquer these paths. Because soon on your journey those friends will be back! 

Let your mind run free, get lost in space! Because here in my world, you’ll find your place! There are places for old, and places for new, places for the happy, and places for the blue.

I welcome creatures of all shapes and sizes. For here in my world, there are no disguises! I welcome all plants and all animals too, and here in my world…I especially welcome you!   

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